The Manta Resort in Tanzania is a 17 room, relaxing paradise on the remote island of Pemba in Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. Find yourself stranded in luxury at this oasis, unwinding by the calm seas, soaking up the plentiful sunshine, and sleeping in the unique underwater suite.

Property Details

The Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania offers a variety of enticing accommodations to enhance your holiday. Unwind to the sound of the waves in the airy Front Villa. Or rather, get a restful night’s sleep in the four-poster king size bed in the thatched roof Superior Garden Room. A large lounge area provides a place to relax in the garden as the palms sway in the tropical breeze. But it is the Underwater Room that is the most unique.

The Underwater Room

Take a wooden boat ride over the Manta Resort reef out to the Underwater Room. A captain will get you there and show you around your new private floating island. Encapsulate yourself in a turquoise bubble, watching schools of colorful fish swim by. This floating structure is anchored to the sea floor and is located in the middle of the reef, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves into the underwater world.

There are three levels, with the first being a landing deck. A ladder leads to the roof with a cozy lounge for sun bathing or watching the stars at night under the clear skies, dozing off to the gentle murmuring of the sea. Downstairs, panes of glass that give breathtaking views of trumpet and bat fish peering in surround a soft double bed. At night, spotlights around the floating abode attract nocturnal sea life like squids, octopus, and vibrant red Spanish dancers.

A mobile phone keeps you in contact with the Manta resort staff, always at the ready to provide service. Enjoy a light tropical lunch and cold drinks in your own private oasis. Kayak around the waters or snorkel to get up close with the marine life. An open-air freshwater shower allows you to be one with nature. Meanwhile, an eco-friendly toilet system and hand-wash basin keep your impact low.

Dining at the Manta Resort

On land, meals of fresh food with a local touch are served on the main veranda overlooking the ocean. Additionally, guests can opt to dine by the pool deck or on the beach. Cool off with a refreshing juice made with local fruits or drink the milk straight from a coconut. Sip on a lemongrass ginger sling or a cocktail made with mango, lime, lemon, pineapple, and coconuts with a touch of rum as you soak up the simpler life at The Manta Resort Tanzania. Find paradise at this Pemba, Tanzania hotel.

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