Zanzibar is an archipelago region floating in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Tanzania. This famed collection of tiny islands, plus the two main islands of Unguja and Pemba, boasts some of Africa’s finest coral beaches, tropical oases, and exotic spices. Travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania for an unforgettable experience.

Zanzibar is known internationally for its spice trade and is commonly referred to as the Spice Islands for its significant production of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper. It is this spice trade that has perhaps influenced the region’s long and rich history the most. Substantial populations of Arab, Persian, Indian, Portuguese, and local African tribal cultures have flocked to its shores over the centuries and still continue to do so today. This influence is mostly apparent in the architecture of Zanzibar City, the region’s capital on the island of Unguja. The city’s old quarter, known otherwise as Stone Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site ripe with winding lanes, ornately carved wooden doors, circular towers, raised terraces, and beautiful mosques.

The main reason visitors travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania is for a slice of peace and tranquility. The island chain offers every visitor the chance to enjoy a quiet beach holiday in indulgent luxury. The amazing waters of the Indian Ocean are an underwater treasure trove chock full of diverse marine life, from coral reefs and sea anemone to playful dolphins and even a whale or two. Snorkeling and scuba diving are a must, whether directly from the beach or during a guided reef walk. For those who wish to keep their heads above water, there is plenty of wildlife and culture to be had. Trek through the Jozani Forest in search of the endemic Zanzibar red colobus monkey, set out on a taste-and-see Spice Tour of the island’s renowned produce, or visit a neighboring village to learn the art of palm weaving and the ancient language of Swahili from the locals. No matter the adventure, every Ker & Downey journey to Zanzibar is customized and tailored to fit your every beachside desire. Be inspired by a few of our Africa luxury vacations below.