Nduara Loliondo Camp is a semi-mobile luxury tented camp in Tanzania that spends half the year in the northern Loliondo Concession on Olosokwan land and the other half in the southern portion on Piyaya land. Being outside of the borders of the Serengeti National Park allows for a variety of experiences including walking safaris and incredible Maasai cultural experiences like no other.

Property Details

The six traditional yurts and common areas were designed to celebrate traditional Nomadic cultures from around the world. Each is Mongolian in construction and Maasai in décor. They are bright and airy and are designed to be as cool as possible during the day. The en suite bathrooms are attached to the back and have short drop toilets and bucket showers, with hot and cold water on demand. Meals are served in the comfortable dining yurt or under the stars, and there is a separate library and lounge yurt for guests to gather and relax in the evenings.

Nduara Loliondo Camp offers the amazing luxury of a private guide and vehicle for each set of guests. The emphasis here is on enjoying activities that are not available inside the Serengeti National Park, including night drives and walking safaris. You can also enjoy amazing cultural interactions with the Maasai people living in the area.

While in the southern Loliondo, you will have full access to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area as well as the Serengeti. The landscape is amazing with the Gol Mountains and Sanjan Gorge nearby, and the resident game is excellent. During the latter part of the year when the camp is located in the northern Loliondo, you are closer to the Masai Mara of southern Kenya, and game viewing and walking opportunities abound with incredible scenery and easy access to the Serengeti.

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