Mwiba Tented Camp in Tanzania commands a view of its pristine surroundings from atop an elevated ridge. A Serengeti safari experience combines with the exclusivity of game drives on a private wildlife reserve, tailoring the safari adventures to the desires of each guest.

Property Details

Mwiba Tented Camp in Tanzania is set within the 126,000 acre Mwiba Wildlife Reserve. Shaded by stands of acacia trees and surrounded by granite boulders, five natural springs flow in the shadow of camp, drawing wildlife activity throughout every season. The luxury Africa safari camp shares the private reserve with nearby Mwiba Lodge, a stunning collection of luxury suites balanced on a rocky series of kopjes. Distinct in composition with its three luxury tented suites, Mwiba Tented Camp is equally spectacular thanks to its privileged location on the reserve. The accommodations here embody the spirit of a safari while remaining comfortable in amenities and chic in style. Each of the three tents has the benefit of its own private dedicated game vehicle and skilled guide, ensuring that an already peaceful game drive in the reserve is experienced with further intimacy.

With its placement at the top of a granite ridge, Mwiba Tented Camp has a perfect view of the five natural springs, the scattered woodland landscape, and the southern Serengeti plains beyond. During certain times of the year it is not uncommon to see constant traffic at the precious water sources, with predators and prey stopping by for a drink from sun up to sun down. The wonders of the Mwiba Wildlife Reserve are not limited only to the wildlife. Guests have the unique opportunity to interact with the Hadzabe, Datoga, Maasai, and Sukuma tribes at their nearby settlements. These cultures have long been the custodians of the lands, and spending time with them will provide guests with a humbling glimpse into their world of responsible coexistence with the natural habitat.

Mwiba Tented Camp is part of the Legendary Expeditions Camps family. Its three sister camps are Mbono Tented Camp, Subeti Tented Camp, and the newest Nyasirori Tented Camp. Each individual camp enjoys its own unique location in the southern and western Serengeti ecosystem.

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