Rejuvenate your mind and body with a stay at the WE Hotel Jeju Island, a hotel dedicated to utter wellbeing.

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The WE Hotel Jeju Island places personal wellness as one of its top priorities for guests. Using clean, natural mineral water sourced from Jeju Island’s healing waters is a healthy start. So too are the magical surrounds, tucked within the verdant mountains of the island.

Waking up to a view of the green mountains every morning induces relaxation. Large windows bring in plenty of sunlight, adding brightness to a neutral color scheme. Low beds in each space keep you grounded, and wood and marble finishes in the rooms and en-suite baths add to the natural elements. Warm yourself up with a soothing cup of ginseng tea, brought to your room by the attentive staff.

The Oxygen Ondol is a unique space where a high content of oxygen is pumped into your room. This treatment is believed to have an anti-aging effect and can give you an enhanced quality of sleep.

Dining options at WE Hotel Jeju Island have been prepared with nutrition in mind. Fresh seafood pulled from the water nearby, Japanese-Chinese fusion dishes, and organic meals are all on the menu in the stylish restaurant Dachae.

There are many spa treatments to lead you down the path of serenity. Water-based treatments and massages improve blood circulation and re-balance skin. Float in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, try a steam spas treatment, and exercise in the water to loosen tense muscles. The body is awakened further during yoga sessions.

Meditate in the forest as the sea breeze gently blows through the towering trees. See the beautiful camelia flowers that grow in abundance around Hallasan, a dormant volcano and the highest mountain in the country. The national park is a rich habitat of animals and plants. Take a hike through the forest of pine and Japanese cedar trees and fill your lungs with the fresh air.

Guests wanting to get away from the incessant noise of the city and wishing to hear the sweet songs of nature will fine their peace at the WE Hotel Jeju Island.

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