Feel one with nature at the Healiance Seon Maeul Healing Resort. This quiet place near the city of Pocheon provides a completely relaxing and holistic wellness experience.

Property Details

At the foot of Jongjasan Mountain sits the Healiance Seon Maeul Zen Village, a wellness center embraced by nature.

Spacious rooms open to large wooden decks with views of the trees. Read a book outside on the balcony outfitted with a table and two chairs. Rooms are simple, but comfortable. Low level beds keep you grounded to the smooth, wood floors. Sunshine floods into rooms through floor-to-ceiling windows. At night, blackout curtains ensure you have the most restful sleep possible.

The goal at Healiance Seon Maeul is to help guests improve eating habits, increase exercise, and balance their state of mind. Choose from a menu of healing treatments. Stretch with a relaxing yoga session, unwind the mind with meditation, and fill your body with healthy brown rice cookies.

Put away your phone and relax your brain and body with the digital detox program. While connectivity is possible, there’s no wireless Internet access here on purpose. Soothe your mind with instructor-led meditation and recharge your body with yoga.

Nutritious food fuels your strength and well-being. Vegetables and nuts are the staple diet here, with less emphasis on meat and fish. Traditionally, Koreans remove their shoes and sit on the floor to eat. Take your time to slowly chew your food and linger over a meal to aid healthy digestion.

Wellness activities at Healiance Seon Maeul encourage you to take it slow. Drift off into a snooze during a massage or sweat out your stress in a wood-fired, floor-heated traditional clay sauna.

This pocket of South Korea is sparsely populated, helping you get away from crowds and connect with nature. Slide down the ski hills or visit the tranquil temples nearby. The whole region feels like its on a more relaxed schedule. A series of trails meanders through the hilly terrain. In the fall, the forest reveals a blaze of orange and red colors. Fall leaves crunch under your feet. The breeze gently stirs the trees. In the winter, a fresh dusting of snow falls from the sky. Any time of year is a great time to escape to the peace of the Zen Village.

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