The Oystercatcher Trail is a professionally guided and world-acclaimed trekking experience along the unspoiled, spectacular golden beaches and green coastline of the Western Cape’s Garden Route in South Africa. Every day presents a different landscape, ranging from cliff tops and sea front caves to wonderful golden beaches and massive sand dunes.

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The Oystercatcher Trail hike is renowned for its ecological and cultural educational value. Beginning in Mossel Bay and ending along Gourits River, the daily distances are normally completed in about six hours, and guides stay with even the slowest in the group. Guests only carry their day packs, with their luggage transferred from one overnight stop to the next.

Accommodations along the Oystercatcher Trail are self-catering Sandpiper Guest Cottages in Boggomsbaai. Each cottage is inviting, spacious, and comfortable, with cozy fireplaces, mezzanine bedrooms, beautiful luxury bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchens with dishwashers and washing machines. These traditional cottages are infused with coastal spirit, and the cuisine is nothing short of hearty and delicious to accompany the physicality of hiking. The well-garnished wine cellar provides a solid introduction to South African wine, and an outdoor buffet at the local leisure center is a social highlight each evening, offering the opportunity to enjoy traditional and romantic fireside braai dinners.

Along the Oystercatcher Trail, guests will experience rare opportunities to spot and taste wild oysters in clear rock pools, swim in small rocky bays, and witness the full moon rising over the ocean. The emphasis of the experience is on the surrounding nature, encountering the rare plant, bird, mammal, and marine life and learning about the intertidal zones on the long beaches and rock pools. Experienced guides lead guests past ancient Stone Age caves and impart crucial knowledge about the loyal and fascinating habits of the endangered African Black Oystercatcher who makes its home here. This South Africa walking safari is a birder’s dream and sightings of dolphins, lazy whales, and frolicking seals in the ocean are a regular staple.

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