The Chiriqui highlands, encompassing Boquete and Volcan, have been dubbed the land of “Eternal Spring.” Chiriquí borders Costa Rica to the west and often provides travelers with their first taste of Panama’s intense beauty. And it does not shy to the task. The province flaunts an undulating array of all the country’s “biggests” and “bests” including the tallest mountains and longest rivers.

The fertile soil around the region’s highest point, Volcan Baru, makes the Chiriquí highlands rich in agriculture. Cattle farms, grazing sheep, and pure bred horses meander up the mountainsides of Boquete. Growers enjoy ample crops of flowers, vegetables, and fruits, especially oranges and juicy strawberries. These lands have also earned a reputation as the Napa Valley of coffee with its prolific coffee plantations. The Panamanian varieties contain exotic touches of jasmine and citrus. Visit a coffee farm with your Ker & Downey guide to see how the beans are grown and gathered.

Just as the next cup of strong Arabica is never too far away, so too are the epic adventures of whitewater rafting and hiking through the green mountains. Both the Pacific and Caribbean waters are visible from the 11,400-foot peak of the volcano. Soak in a hot spring warmed by its thermal energy, a treat after a day of exploring.

Birds and butterflies flourish in the mountainous rainforests of the Chiriqui highlands. When a delicate drizzle blows in from the mountains, rainbows frequently descend from the heavens.

With all its beauty and bounty, it should come as no surprise that Boquete has emerged as one of the hottest destinations in the world. Indeed, it seems as though Boquete could have remained a small town in a previous life, but a massive deluge of American and European retired expats have since flocked to populate its hillsides and create an ever-evolving life in paradise.

In addition to farming, indigenous groups of artisans produce beaded necklaces, baskets, traditional dresses, vibrant textiles, and woven bags in the tiny towns around Boquete. Journey to this region on your own Ker & Downey custom Panama travel adventure.