MS Yljali private yacht has sailed the seas around Europe and beyond. Delivering comfort, style, and the thrill of the high seas, this is the perfect vessel to explore the waters of the Norway Arctic.

Property Details

MS Yljali was built and launched in 1987 in the famed Brighton Shipyards of Southern England. This luxury Lofoten Islands private yacht is an 80-foot motor sailboat with two masts, sails and 4,250 square meter mainsail. It is equipped with a quiet 350 HP Cummins diesel, which provides for propulsion when the seas are calm. With a cruising speed of 8.5 knots, passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lofoten Islands while the boat cruises at a comfortable speed.

With a steel frame for stability and safety, the interior of the boat is finished with attention to luxury. Fine wood and five spacious rooms create a refined exclusivity befitting life on the seas. The MS Yljali private yacht accommodates a total of 12 guests in two doubles, two triple cabins, and a cabin suite, which also includes a full bathtub. All of the cabins have central heat to ensure that you have a cozy retreat from the arctic air, and a comfortable sleep while on your Arctic safari.

The downstairs lounge of the MS Yljali is ideal for enjoying scenery and good company, featuring large picture windows running along both sides of the dining and social space. Those who wish to feel the brisk air on their face can move to the covered patios on the lower deck, where they will be protected from the elements as they enjoy the freshest air on earth.

The staff on board the MS Yljali private yacht are prepared to bring you as intimately into the sailing experience as you desire. Time spent on the upper deck can be dedicated to soaking up the northern sun, or joining the crew as you learn the ins and outs of sailing. The ship’s chef takes advantage of his direct access to the bounty of the cold waters, serving up freshly-caught seafood and local recipes from the mainland.

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