Lyngen Lodge is the embodiment of all that is Arctic Norway. After exploring the Lyngen Alps, return “home” to warm lights, intimate conversation, and cheery atmosphere throughout.

Property Details

Lyngen Lodge is located in the far northern fjords, and getting to the lodge is part of the adventure. You’ll feel like an explorer, finally reaching the warm hospitality of this intimate property, where you will enjoy one of the world’s true luxuries as you find yourself among of the most rare and majestic landscapes on the planet.

With only eight rooms, everything about Lyngen Lodge is personal, with a Scandinavian sensibility. Rooms are kept deliberately small, emphasizing coziness and warmth. Each has an en suite bathroom, but other than sleeping and refreshing, most guests find themselves drawn to the large social “stua,” the dining room, and the sauna facilities. With a maximum of 16 guests, you can find a quiet place to curl up with a book from the library, or enjoy a glass of wine with a friend or loved one.

Arctic adventures are sure to work up a hearty appetite, and the chef at Lyngen Lodge is prepared to accommodate. Expect a gourmet menu of local meats and ingredients, from reindeer and arctic lamb, to fresh fish taken from the surrounding fjords. The chef places extra emphasis on presentation, complimenting your pristine surrounds with delicate and picturesque plates.

In addition to the fully licensed bar, the lodge has an extensive wine list. Whether you are looking for the perfect pairing with your dinner, or a nightcap to warm you before bedtime, the options are plenty.

There is also a sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi heated by the same geothermal energy that heats the entire property, offering a full sensory experience in the land of extremes. You’ll be glad to rejuvenate after a day of skiing, fishing, whale watching, glacier walking or horseback riding. The lodge offers all of these activities in house. Guests of Ker & Downey will also have access to their private guides, giving ultimate access to the fjords.

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