Norway Arctic encompasses the frigid and picturesque regions located above the Arctic Circle. Comprising Nordland, Troms, Finnmark, and the islands of Svalbard, this far-flung location is stunningly beautiful and offers an Arctic safari experience unlike anywhere else in the world. Private charters navigating through icy fjords, inspiring Viking history, and encounters with marine and tundra wildlife characterize an adventurous journey to the Norway Arctic regions.

Lofoten Islands

Just west of the mainland across the Vestfjorden, the Lofoten Islands are noted for their striking, steep mountains that tumble down into protected coves. Called Lófótr in Old Norse – and translating to “lynx foot” – visitors notice that from mainland Norway the islands’ peaks do indeed resemble the paw of a lynx. The Viking roots run deep on this archipelago. Evidence from archaeological sites and ancient towns, like the settlement at Vågan, date back to the year 250 BCE, spanning from the Iron Age to the Viking Age. Its waters are known for excellent cod fishing and this bounty creates a seasonal feast for cormorants, sea eagles, puffins, and otters.

Lyngen Alps

Thrilling mountaineering and skiing excursions add to the natural appeal of the Lyngen Alps. Stretching for 56 miles over the Lyngen Peninsula of far-north Norway, this mountain range is intersected by the Reisa River and bordered on either side by pristine fjords. Lapland wonder is yours to cherish on kayaking journeys, glacier hikes, and trekking through the alpine forests.

Svalbard Islands

The Svalbard Islands are grouped together in the Arctic Ocean 400 miles north of mainland Norway. With some 60% of its surface covered in glacial ice, travel here is done almost exclusively by snowmoblie, boat, or aircraft. The archipelago experiences a polar night annually from October to February – the pendulum swings to extended periods of sunshine during the midnight sun phenomenon every April through August. Though primarily driven by coal mining, Svalbard’s economy receives a boost from tourism and research on the area wildlife, geology, and atmosphere. Prolific seabird populations find refuge on Svalbard for breeding, and the Arctic safari cast of characters includes polar bears, Arctic foxes, and reindeer.

A journey to the diverse regions of the Norway Arctic is an enviable escape into the great outdoors. Contact your Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant to make the Norway Arctic part of your next adventure.