The Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu is housed in magnificent buildings of intricately carved wood and terracotta work and draws upon the spirit and hospitality of the Nepalese people to create an environment of intimate luxury and fine service.

Property Details

The philosophy of the Dwarika’s Hotel is to preserve the traditional heritage and architectural achievements of the beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

Each room has its own character and individual style. Many feature original sixteenth century windows set into the traditional Nepalese brickwork, while still others have private attached courtyards. Traditional fabrics and hand printed curtains decorate the spacious rooms, bringing a sense of the culture of this valley into the elegant comfort of each space.

The hotel features a swimming pool in the style of a twelfth century Malla Dynasty bath, and special in-room massages can be enjoyed after a day’s excursion into the valley. There are two restaurants on site, including the traditional Krishnarpan restaurant and the Toran international restaurant.

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