Namibia's Camp Sossus is located in the Neuhof Nature Reserve, embraced by the Nubib and Zaris Mountains and the vast south Atlantic Ocean.

Property Details

Feel pampered in one of eight large tents that are nestled in a natural granite amphitheater that protects the camp from east-blowing winds. Keep cool under the roofs made from 500 recycled oil drums. Sustainability is key at Camp Sossus. Eclectic furniture was built mostly from recycled metals, oil drum lids, and recycled wood. All of the neutral materials make the camp blend beautifully into its earthy surroundings.

Freshen up in the open-air en suite bathrooms with flush toilets and hot bucket showers. Take a snooze in the long twin beds or on the shaded day-bed. All tent lighting is provided by solar power. The goal is to make you feel like an explorer of the past whose eyes were first set on this distant and distinct land.

Meet with fellow guests in the main reception area at Camp Sossus for dinner and share a drink around the fireplace. The lounge is positioned to allow southerly winds in as a natural cooling system and is a refreshing relaxing point during the day.

The picturesque Neuhof Nature Reserve is a unique corner of Namibia with an incredible variety of wildlife. Zebras, kudus, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas are just some of the spectacular wildlife that now roam this spellbinding place. Plans are in the works to also introduce the endangered black rhino. A stay at Camp Sossus directly benefits the environment since close to 20 percent of revenue goes back into conservation projects.

The World Heritage Site of the Great Namib Sand Sea is just a short visit away. Take a trip to the haunting Sossusvlei dunes with a private guide. The experience of silently treading on shifting sand dunes that dramatically pop against blue skies is a mental image that you won’t soon forget.

Feel surrounded by raw nature and discover shimmering desert pools. Gaze up at the twinkling blanket of stars lighting the deep, inky skies during a sleep out. Climb up to the plateau and admire the breathtaking Namib Desert landscape, the odd-looking quiver trees interrupting the dry landscape down below.

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