Shipwreck Lodge fits discreetly into the mist-shrouded Skeleton Coast Central Concession Area. Experience an utterly unique safari on the unforgiving coast from your equally unique refuge.

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With striking minimalist design meant to emulate shipwrecked wooden boats, Shipwreck Lodge is a modern marvel that sits landlocked between two rivers of Skeleton Coast Park. The unique designs mimic the many shipwrecks that litter Namibia’s raw and rugged Skeleton Coast. The compelling landscape is one of towering dunes and wind-swept plains that meet the chilly Atlantic.

Mingle with other guests on the wraparound deck and enjoy uninterrupted views across the barren sand. Wind-whipped and wild, the landscape around Shipwreck Lodge is a sight to be seen.

There are 10 solar-powered cabins in total; two are designed just for families. En suite bathrooms are equipped with refreshing indoor showers. Large slanted windows and round portholes bring in the bright desert light.

The harsh desert is balanced by divine moments of comfort at the lodge. On cool mornings, gather around the wood burning stove. You will feel warm and cozy in the lounge and restaurant too. Play a game of chess with a fuzzy blanket on your lap while the sky turns dark over the endless sands. Sample a freshly baked chocolate cake, the ultimate comfort food.

Around the Shipwreck Lodge, guests will find a fascinating place dotted with abandoned mines, ghostly boats, and bleached whale bones. A walk on the beach isn’t like most when it’s strewn with centuries-old shipwreck debris. Under your feet feel the smooth glimmering stones that have been polished with each wave. You will learn about the history of the Suiderkus and Karimona shipwrecks as crabs skitter in the sand. See Cape fur seals lounging on the rocks and swimming by the hundreds in the freezing, frothy surf at the Mowe Bay. Stingrays, dolphins, humpback, sperm, and killer whales call the deep blues home.

Roam the interior dunes and dry riverbeds to look for desert-adapted wildlife. Believe it or not, desert-adapted elephants, lions, and giraffes roam the hostile land. The otherworldly remoteness of the rugged, raw terrain meeting the Atlantic Ocean is incredibly special.

Take a game drive in Skeleton Coast National Park to track elusive lions and discover the enchanting desert flora and the tok-tokkie beetles that survive in the cold ocean fog. Jump on a 4×4 to get up-close to the thousands of year-old clay castles and marvel at their unique and odd shapes as they tower above you.

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