Kaokoland is a safari destination for the truly adventurous. The vast and sparsely populated landscape is punctuated by dry river beds, drought-hardy grass plains, and scattered kopjes that spring up at random as if flung from the nearby mountain ranges. The Kunene River runs through the very north of the region to form a natural border between Namibia and Angola, while to the south the seasonal Hoanib River divides the area from Damaraland. Discover the wonders of a Kaokoland, Namibia safari with Ker & Downey.

It is within these riverine borders that the nomadic Himba people have lived for generations. Clad only in calfskin skirts and homemade sandals, they are recognized as much for their distinct dress as they are for their intricate braided hairstyles, each styled differently and adorned based on age, marital status, and role within the community. Their braids and skin are usually caked with otjize, a paste composed of animal fat and ochre which is used for cleansing and beauty as well as protection from the elements and insects. By way of isolation, modern influences have been kept to a minimum in most communities, and many Himba tribes appear today as they have for generations. These extremely secluded settlements can be reached with your Ker & Downey guide, and you may be one of only a handful of visitors the families dwelling there will ever see.

Also making their home in Kaokoland, the desert-adapted elephant and black rhino thrive here in isolation. Elephants in this region can survive as many as four days without water, quite a handy trait in these inhospitable conditions.

Close by and comparable both in landscape and in remoteness, Damaraland offers cultural enrichment by way of its incredible collection of ancient rock art. Match Kaokoland and Damaraland with the iconic dunes of the Namib Desert, the desolation of the Skeleton Coast, and the conservation-minded activities in Okonjima for your own customized, well-rounded journey through Namibia. Contact your Ker & Downey luxury Namibia adventure travel consultant to plan your own Namibia luxury safari through all of its diverse regions.