Sorris Sorris Lodge in Namibia was conceived hand-in-hand with the local community as part of the Sorris Sorris Conservancy. Situated a boulder's throw away from the singular massif of Brandberg, guests to this luxury Damaraland lodge will find they are transported to an almost otherworldly landscape of rock and desert, completely isolated and in total luxury.

Property Details

Just nine individual suites comprise the accommodations at Sorris Sorris Lodge in Namibia, each thoughtful in design and construction. The thick walls of stone and rammed-earth serve both as distinguishing organic design elements, and as natural insulation from the midday heat and cold of night. Floorplans are spacious and open, including a living and sleeping area, private viewing deck, and luxurious en suite bath. Minimal in design, each abode is tastefully accented with crisp neutral tones, light wood finishes, stunning photography, and floor-to-ceiling windows that perfectly capture the beauty of the region. Guests find themselves surrounded by tumbling granite boulders, frozen in their unique desert landscape, a precarious location easily traversed thanks to a network of ingenious low-impact timber decks and raised walkways.

At the main building, guests are welcomed to commune and relax in the lounge area, bar, dining room, and sparkling swimming pool. It is from this hillside location that views out over the Ugab River bed and Brandberg’s towering silhouette come into full focus. Explorations into these areas beyond the boulders and decks are led by the skilled Sorris Sorris Lodge guides. The White Lady of Brandburg and other ancient rock art discoveries await inspection along the face of the granite massifs. Ugab’s rivers remain still and void of water for most of the year, but its ephemeral flow is enough to sustain vegetation for giraffe, kudu, springbok, and other desert-adapted grazers.

Damaraland is composed of several individual conservancies, and this spirit of preservation and conservation is indeed reflected at this luxury Damaraland lodge. Sorris Sorris partners with the neighboring communities to give guests a wholly-enriching safari that is varied in wildlife and wonder. Desert-adapted elephants thrive here, and the guides of Sorris Sorris Lodge excel at tracking these magnificent and hardy animals by game vehicle and on foot. For an unforgettable panorama of this serene region, consider soaring through the sky in a hot air balloon, spotting game on a safari with a bird’s-eye view.

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