Intentionally reflecting its location in a land of contrasts, Omatendeka Lodge invites visitors to delight in the juxtaposition of lush landscape and rugged regions in Namibia's famed Damaraland. This camp will open in late 2016. Learn more about this luxury safari lodge in Damaraland, Namibia below.

Property Details

Omatendeka Lodge is located in Northern Damaraland, placing it on the edge of the western desert plains, where the headwaters of the Hoanib River give the property the atmosphere of an oasis.

The design of Omatendeka Lodge reflects the isolated moments of refuge sought by man and beast throughout the severe regions to its east and west. Vast overhangs provide shade, and an ample pool mimics the prized resource of the arid plains: the watering hole. In fact, the lodge’s common area overlooks a natural spring, a source of refreshment for the region’s fauna.

With only nine rooms, guests will not lose the sense of remoteness and privacy in this far flung spot. Wake up every morning to the sounds of the springs and breezes among the grasses and trees.

During the day, guests have access to game drives in two distinct habitats within reach of Omatendeka. In the Damaraland desert, it is possible to catch a rare glimpse of the elephant, black rhino, giraffe, ostrich, and springbok that have adapted to the harsh, arid climate. Their numbers are few, but these are some of nature’s ultimate survivors. To see one in person is a rare privilege.

Nearer to the spring, the populations grow denser. With the expertise of the Omatendeka trackers and your Ker & Downey guides, the chances of a sighting are good.

The area surrounding Omatendeka is also accessible to the nomadic Himba tribe. The lodge guides can arrange a visit with this unique indigenous community. Their reddish skin and hunter-gatherer lifestyle have made them icons of Namibia. They are considered the last such tribe in the country.

Each day ends back at Omatendeka Lodge, with sunset drinks and a hearty meal. Whether you choose to retire to your private abode, or continue the conversation in the common areas, keeping an eye on the springs and watching for nocturnal visitors, your days fall into the rhythm of adventure and repose in this desert oasis. Book this luxury safari lodge in Damaraland, Namibia today.

Please note: Omatendeka Lodge is not yet open for reservations.

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