Few experiences get you as up close and personal with local cultures as those at Nhoma Safari Camp in Bushmanland, Namibia. Between the iconic landscape and the interaction with Namibian Bushmen, you’ll feel yourself immersed in the magic of native Namibia.

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The 10 Meri-style safari tents of Nhoma Safari Camp overlook the plains from the shade of teak trees. Elevated on wooden decks, they keep you comfortably sheltered in the ideal state of “prospect and refuge,” a guiding principle for traditional shelter-making. Tents are fitted with either en suite bathrooms—one with a spacious corner soaking tub—or atmospheric outdoor bathrooms surrounded by a grass enclosure, and connected by a door to the tent. Solar-powered electricity and purified water are provided in the tents, and wireless Internet access and electrical outlets are available in the lodge common area.

An authentic native Namibia experience awaits at Nhoma Safari Camp in Bushmanland, Namibia. You will awake every morning to a view of the Nhoma omuramba, the fossil riverbed. Spend your days among the famed Ju’/’hoan San, or “Bushmen” of Namibia, and gather around a bonfire by night to share tales of your day learning the land, traditions, and deep wisdom of these often misunderstood people.

During the day, local Bushmen earn supplemental income serving as guides and interpreters to introduce guests to their traditions and activities. Join them for each step in the process of procuring food, from crafting hunting tools, to the hunt itself. You might prefer to forage among the veld, gleaning wisdom from the people who have eaten from the local bounty for millennia.

You can observe traditional healing dances and rituals throughout your time at the camp, or strike off on a game drive at one of the nearby conservancies. Nhoma Camp sits adjacent to the Nyae Nyae and Nna Jaqna Conservancies.  Daytime and nighttime drives with expert trackers bring you into contact with the wildlife of these expansive plains, a surprising array of fauna amid a landscape that looks so empty at first glance.

Every moment of your stay at Nhoma Camp is designed to enhance and enrich your journey through Namibia, bridging the gap between the traditional and modern cultures in a way unlike any other. Prepare for a life changing experience in one of the world’s most unique environments.


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