Regional names that are often interchanged, Bushmanland and Khaudum refers to the northeastern area of Namibia, where the Kalahari Desert spreads across the border from Botswana. A far cry from the Namib Desert dunes in the west, the view here is of scattered grasses and shrubs broken up by the occasional stand of acacia trees. The area is deceptively green even during the dry seasons in September and October. From January to March, the region explodes in emerald as the natural springs and seasonal water sources are revived by ample rains.

Though its 1,400 square miles do not encompass the entire region, Khaudum National Park is where the majority of the area wildlife can be seen. A protected reserve since 1989, the park today is populated with families of elephants, wildebeest, giraffes, eland, roan, plus a number of lions and wild dogs on the hunt.

Bushmanland, as the name suggests, is the homeland of one of Africa’s aboriginal cultures: the San Bushmen. Armed with a set of advanced survival skills and an unmatched knowledge of their natural surrounds, the San live off of the earth with fascinating ease, utilizing every resource of the region to track, hunt, and survive in the Kalahari. Interacting with these communities is a very special experience for visitors, arranged by your Ker & Downey guide in a manner that remains authentic and respectful of the San homeland.

More bushman history can be found on the western side of Namibia in Damaraland, an area famed for its many rock art specimens that were carved into the granite outcroppings as many as 6,000 years ago. For a luxury Namibia safari with a cultural focus, include Damaraland, the Himba tribes of Kaokoveld, and the wonders of Bushmanland and Khaudum National Park in your itinerary. The Ker & Downey luxury travel consultants can help you craft the perfect customized journey – contact us to get started.