Miles of beaches make Morocco’s Atlantic Coast a delightful place for a luxury getaway. Fishing villages with wooden boats still dot the shores where waves crash upon the rugged rocks. In the coastal towns, sample fresh oysters and spiky purple sea urchins. Try your hand at reeling in some of the day’s catch. Sunny days make for a healthy glow since this area gets over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Wander through the cobblestone streets of the Moorish medina and get lost in its labyrinth in Tangiers. Shop for pretty inlaid wooden boxes, pottery, weavings, tea sets, and art. Colonial neighborhoods offer unique boutiques. People watch the lively streets in one of the many bars and admire the surrounding Art Deco architecture and fountains covered in stunning blue, yellow, and white intricate tiled designs. White washed buildings tumble down towards the blue water and palm trees poke through between homes. The almost-century old Cafe Hafa offers gorgeous views of the sea and beyond Andalusia, Spain. This where Africa and Europe nearly touch between the Straits of Gibraltar.

Further south along the coast, Rabat, was developed as the capital by the French and has palm-lined streets, galleries, and the 17th century walled medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Drink mint tea by the beach and take in the sights and color of this beautiful place. Learn about the colonial history of the area in the town of El Jadida, where a 16th century Portuguese walled fort recalls a time of trade between the two continents.

Windsurf in Essaouira where markets sell fragrant saffron and cinnamon, and fresh seafood are available. Visit a local winery, learn how Argan oil is made. The walled city was once a port for trade between Africa and Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. Old white buildings with turquoise shutters and doors mimic the waters of the Atlantic.

Souks, sun, and spices make this area alluring for a traveler who wants a unique Moroccan experience.