Hacienda San Lucas is a century-old hideaway in the hills above Honduras’ ancient Copán Valley. Owned by the same family for generations, this charming eight-room hacienda fuses Maya tradition, eco-conscious practices, and rustic, romantic luxury for an unforgettable experience at the gateway to Copán.

Property Details

Hacienda San Lucas is as much a cultural experience as it is a homey one. Each of the property’s eight adobe rooms are thoughtfully and intentionally rustic, spacious, and spotlessly clean. Located in simple lodges, the rooms are adorned in hand-crafted cedar beds with indigenous-spun bed covers, private hot water baths, solar lighting, and private verandas with hammocks. Indeed, every corner of Hacienda San Lucas beckons one to sit and rest and revel in the sounds of nature. Many have even claimed that their sleep at Hacienda San Lucas was their best in years—a fact that could be attributed to the comfortable mattresses, nature’s undisturbed lullaby, or the mysterious spirits of the property’s onsite Mayan ruins, Los Sapos. Whatever the reason, Hacienda San Lucas promises a truly enchanting, unforgettable experience.

As the night falls around Hacienda San Lucas, the hotel becomes illuminated by candlelight and enveloped by the calm of the surrounding tropical forest and Mayan setting. Matching this captivating backdrop in impressiveness is the cuisine within the Hacienda San Lucas kitchen, where local, authentic Maya dishes and recipes come to life. Hacienda San Lucas employs local Maya Chortí from the neighboring tribes to lend their creative flair in the kitchen, thus resulting in a fabulous combination of new and old world techniques, indigenous foods, and haute surprises, all shared in the spirit of their ancestors. Five-course evening meals are paired with South American wines and undoubtedly the best views in the region, while nightcaps can be enjoyed in the charming bar or in the garden as the sun sets below the Mayan ruins. Guests can even opt to join the staff in the kitchen and help in the rolling of the tortillas and wrapping of the tamales, an unforgettable experience during any stay in Honduras.

Whether pursuing adventure or freedom from obligations, Hacienda San Lucas has perfected the art of connecting guests with their bliss. Enjoy morning yoga and meditation at the property’s sacred Gaia site, hike through the nature trails around the hotel, set out on horseback to the neighboring Maya villages, bathe in the hot springs of Lunar Jaguar, and spot one of the 400 bird species located in the Copán landscape. Of course, no visit to Hacienda San Lucas would be complete without a visit to the famous Copán ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest and most elaborate centers of the Mayan world. Just minutes away from the hotel, Copán’s impressive temples and plazas and lush jungle setting is a place of enduring magic.

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