Copán luxury travel begins in Western Honduras—the heartland of the country where mountainous, forested highlands encompass a multi-page list of some of the nation’s top sites. The inherent seduction of the region comes from its main attraction, Copán, one of the largest and most elaborate epicenters of the Mayan world. One look at Copán’s giant temples and detailed steles proves why this UNESCO World Heritage Site is unrivaled as far as Mayan archeological sites are concerned. A visit to this historic valley provides guests with the opportunity to wander through elaborate underground tunnels, learn why the last king of Copán constructed a temple on top of a temple, and run through the same field that once hosted ball games to determine the next human sacrifice to the gods.

The gateway to Copán luxury travel is the charming village of Copán Ruinas, a timeless capsule of whitewashed walls, tile roofs, iron balconies, cobblestone streets, and delightful hacienda accommodations. The warm and hospitable people here rely solely on the livestock, coffee, tobacco, tea, and tourism trades ingrained in the region, and the best way to get to know them is to succumb to an immersion into their landscapes and traditions: at Santa Isabel Farm, allow the green farm feeling to get stuck on the skin and the taste of some of the best high altitude coffees in the country to overtake the palate; walk among more than 180 species of birds at Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve and feel the claws of a vibrant macaw as it lands on your arm and spreads its wings; or allow the natural saunas and hot springs of Luna Jaguar Spa to recreate the experience of a Mayan purification ritual.

The influence of the ancient Maya people continues to live on in mathematics, astronomy, and hieroglyphs throughout the world. Even today life within Copán Valley revolves around the archeological treasures of the ruins and the natural beauty that surrounds it. The birds, coffee farms, hot springs, and even the farming practices have an almost primal appeal, steeped in the traditions of those who came before.

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