Guatemala City luxury travel ventures to Guatemala’s booming capital, one of the most flourishing city centers in Central America. Known as “Guate” among locals, the city’s fast-paced cosmopolitanism is a blend of both old and new and is usually the first taste of greater Guatemala international visitors receive. Guatemala City luxury travel might be the starting point of most Guatemalan itineraries, but this is certainly not a city to pass over. Guatemala City is indeed home to many of the nation’s libraries and museums, including the National Archives, the National Library, and the can’t-miss Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, which houses an extensive collection of Maya artifacts and treasures. Add on some of the world’s finest rum distilleries, and you have a modern metropolis worthy of exploring.

Near the capital is its contrasting counterpart of Antigua, a picturesque city lauded as an icon of colonial romanticism and heritage. Antigua exists in the stratosphere alongside the world’s best-conserved colonial cities, overflowing with colonial architecture and monuments, cobblestone streets, delightful cathedrals, and a charming central square lined in gardens and palaces. This merger of cultural and religious tradition is what led to its designation as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO in 1979. Its streets are lined in sellers of fine arts, terracotta, ceramics, wooden sculptures, and a variety of traditional costumes and weavings, all of which lend to the magic that makes visitors feel as if time has stood still here for some 300 years.

Antigua is also home to some of the Americas’ finest coffee and chocolate, born from a landscape surrounded by three volcanoes and a plethora of coffee- and chocolate-producing haciendas. The sights and flavors of Guatemala’s top exports are rooted in ancient customs and traditions, descended from the Mayans who once considered these ingredients as gifts from the gods. Private chocolate workshops and guided city architectural discoveries are only a few of the activities to look forward to on your Antigua and Guatemala City luxury travel. Contact Ker & Downey today to incorporate these exclusive experiences into your next Guatemalan adventure.