Hotel Belles Rives is an Antibes property steeped in history and perfectly placed on a sun-kissed cove, with islands and mountains in the backdrop.

Property Details

Hotel Belles Rives is an exclusive property with a fascinating past. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda made their way to the French Riviera in 1925. He wrote Tender is the Night at Villa Saint Louis, putting a spotlight on the resort for wealthy Americans who flocked to discover the charms of this decadent area. This was a life of nightly champagne and extravagance. In 1929 the villa became the Hotel Belles Rives, and today guests still create their own memories on one of the world’s most iconic coastlines.

Rooms and suites are reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, accented by Art Deco touches. A European summer resort experience feels complete with the gentle sea breeze in your hair on your private balcony. Quite a bit of color and pattern enhance each room at Hotel Belles Rives.

Since the destination is coastal, the culinary focus is local seafood. The airy Le Passagere is livened up with magnificent chandeliers and art from the 1930s. The bright colors of painted porcelain plates and hand-blown glass reflect on the large mirrors hanging from the ceiling. Enjoy the Mediterranean view at La Plage, where grilled fish is paired with a chilled glass of rose. Your sweet tooth will not be ignored when you sample a collection of pastries prepared by the chef at Hotel Belle Rives.

True to its Art Deco spirit, the Fitzgerald Bar’s decor has been meticulously researched to fit in to the era. Pull up a seat at the original leather bar with a martini or a sparkling cocktail poured with lemon juice, vodka, passion fruit juice, and champagne as the soft piano melody floats through the air.

The past guests of Hotel Belles Rives would have watched the water skiers zip across the Cote d’Azure from the very same beach where you will kick off your shoes on your own dreamy European getaway.

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