Provence is perhaps the most iconic region of France outside of the City of Lights. Travelers worldwide  come for the fields of lavender, the flamingoes of Camargue, and the sunny and glamorous shores of the Côte d’Azur. It promises a leisurely holiday of sand and sun as well as an energetic romp with the rich and famous. Alternatively, it can take you on a journey into Greek and Roman antiquity. No matter the desire, luxury Provence and French Riviera travel has something for everyone.

Charms of Provence

Spanning from the Rhone River to the Mediterranean Sea, Provence and the French Riviera show case a lush a relaxed side of France. Indeed, the blend of stunning scenery and distinct southern charm proves inviting. In western Provence, travelers will find ancient history, colorful flower markets, and artistic stimulation as Van Gogh himself experienced. Along the French Riviera, fresh sea breezes and warm sun inspire a unique branch of the luxury industry. Here one can find high-end accommodations, private yacht charters, and stunning Mediterranean views. St. Paul de Vence and the Alpilles region may have inspired the likes of Chagall and Cézanne. However, the towns of Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and Nice have since eclipsed their regality as the places to see and be seen in the streets and on the sea.

Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and Nice

These three towns represent some of the most coveted destinations in the French Riviera. Cannes, known for its film festival, incorporates international cinema stardom into its identity year round. The city has its own “walk of fame.” Plus, the palatial homes and hotels hint at the possibility of VIP occupants in their home away from home. Meanwhile, Saint-Tropez remains a popular spot for nightlife and beach combing. It also continues to retain its seaside charm in the cobblestone La Ponche Quarter. Finally, Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, has experienced a recent renaissance. Long a choice destination for Europe’s elite, the city’s old world glamour now boasts a youthful energy and modern sensibility. As such, it has renewed its appeal for artists and architects.

Unique Identities

In addition to the inviting beaches, the Provence region is also considered the perfume capital of the word. Indeed, brands like Fragonard and Chanel are among the many that produce unique scents here. Meanwhile, fresh seafood and Mediterranean influence create a distinct cuisine, favored by many foodies. Then, of course, only short drive on winding coastal roads brings visitors into the tiny principality of Monaco, home to the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix and the legacy of Princess Grace Kelly.

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