Teeming with history, gastronomy, and, of course, oenology, travel to Burgundy epitomizes the French aptitude toward the finer things in life.

The east-central location of Burgundy – referred to as Bourgogne to locals – is known for its rich soil, unique micro climate, and various other natural factors that have added to its reputation for exceptional Burgundy, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay wines. Indeed, the wines of Burgundy are as rich and varied and the soil from which they came, but one does not have to be a wine aficionado to appreciate them.

That’s because traveling to Burgundy with Ker & Downey means uncovering the fruits of the region with a private oenologist guide and meeting the local winegrowers, most of whom have been in the trade for several generations and who will open their doors and bottles just for you. Along the way, one will uncover the very heart of Burgundy, defined by braiding networks of canals, Michelin-starred restaurants around every turn, and charming châteaux, many of which represent the wealth of the Dukes of Burgundy and have since been converted into luxury accommodations.

The regional capital of Dijon is, yes, of the mustard fame, and offers an ideal starting point from which to explore the Champs-Élysées of Bourgogne, the home of some of the most iconic Grand Crus in the world. Journeying south from Dijon, visitors can admire the untamed landscapes of the Hautes Côtes de Nuits with its high vines and brambles, charming villages, and country roads. Here one can familiarize themselves with such Grand Crus as Romanée-Conti or Meursault, while further north the famous Chablis makes its home across seven climates.

To the south are the vineyards and villages of the Côte de Beaune, the veritable cradle of Burgundy. Travelers to Beaune will be welcomed with remarkable tales and a secret simplicity only found in the homes of the various winegrowers living here. From the more laid back atmosphere of “La pièce sous le bois” in Blagny, to the more hushed universe of Pommard, and to a private tasting of the “Clos des Ducs” owned by the Marquis d’Angerville, the experiences in Beaune range to suit each interest.

Private tours of history and intrigue; lunches in 18th century manor homes; introductory tasting courses to learn the regional appellations; visits to hidden caves and ancient Cistercian abbeys; and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into great names such as Corton, Montrachet, and Chambertin: all are at your fingertips on your next Ker & Downey journey through Burgundy.