Adrère Amellal is an amazing eco-lodge located just a few miles from Siwa at the foot of the White Mountain overlooking Lake Siwa. This environmentally-sustainable and socially-conscious lodge has attracted distinctive guests including Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. It is a true getaway with its romantic, otherworldly atmosphere and breathtaking views of the lake and the Sahara Desert.

Property Details

Each of the 40 rooms at Adrère Amellal is unique and hand-built in the traditional Siwan style, blending naturally into the landscape and featuring traditional furniture and crafts from local artisans. The lodge does not have electricity, so rooms are lit at night by lanterns and beeswax candles. There are no telephones and cell phones are not allowed outside of guest rooms, providing a perfect escape into the tranquility of the oasis. Rooms are constructed using kershef for the walls, a mixture of mud and sun-dried salt, which keeps the indoor temperature down, and designed to make the best use of the desert breezes to keep air flowing through the spaces. In the evenings when temperatures are cooler, braziers are placed under tables and beds are heated with hot water bottles.

Most of the food used in the incredible traditional cuisine is organic and grown on the grounds or by local farmers. Little to no meat is used in the menus. Lunch is a poolside affair and dinner is served in a different place every night.

Siwa Oasis offers an amazing array of desert activities. Ride out into the dunes in Jeeps, hike in the desert to see some of the salt lakes, or dine out on the dunes with the desert sunset as your backdrop. There are stables nearby from which you can rent horses for horseback riding excursions. You can also visit the city of Siwa to explore the local culture, shop its markets, and experience its traditions. The Shali Fortress ruins and Cleopatra’s Bath are also not to be missed.

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