The Western Desert is a vast space of stunning beauty. This area of rocky terrain and massive plateaus comprises almost two thirds of Egypt’s entire land area and spans from west of the Nile, south of the Mediterranean Sea, and down to the Sudanese border. Its history is just as impressive. Ancient temples, one believed to have been visited by Alexander the Great, are a reminder of the people who have lived here. When you experience Western Desert Egypt travel, you’ll find mysterious craters that may have been formed by meteorites.

The sands shift in the wave-like dunes of the Great Sand Sea, but time still feels frozen. Villages are a welcoming sight in the arid desert. Life exists in small spurts of green palm oases where springs have broken through the surface sands. Small towns are insular, and the days carry on around these life-giving waters just as it has for centuries. The people here speak a dialect similar to Berber, different from the rest of Egypt where Arabic is spoken. Wander through the narrow lanes of the fortified town of Dakhla with its old mosques, tombs, and mud-brick homes.

In Al Qasr, life takes on a slow pace. Camels stroll along the hot dunes and farmers plow fields under the sway of the palms. This medieval town is surrounded by sand and punctuated by fossils, valleys, and pink cliffs. In Kharga, visit the archaeological site of a Roman fortress.

Further west, the date palms and olive groves of the Siwa Oasis are a stark contrast to the harsh surrounding environment. The rest of Egypt seems a world away. Siwa Lake shimmers dark blue against the backdrop of vast desert; the only other colors come from the occasional flocks of herons and brilliant pink flamingos. Nearby neolithic cave paintings of zebras, elephants, and ostriches tell the tale of the animals that once visited the shores of an ancient lake.

The Black Desert is coated with a dusting of dark volcanic material. A climb to the top of English Mountain is rewarded with sweeping views of the odd landscape. In contrast, the White Desert is characterized by strange windswept rock formations that tower over the startling white expanse.

At night, the starts shine like glittering diamonds over this remote part of Egypt. Western Desert luxury travel to Egypt with Ker & Downey reveals many treasures and moments of serenity. Experience our Western Desert tours for yourself.