The Oberoi Philae offers guests a cruise on the Nile along the landmarks of an ancient civilization. Five and seven day journeys embark from Luxor or Aswan and courses through Pharaonic dynasties that span thousands of years. As with all Oberoi accommodations, you can be sure that you will be cruising with the highest elegance and five-star service.

Property Details

The elegant Oberoi Philae features four single deluxe cabins, 50 double deluxe cabins, and four deluxe suites, each of which offer exquisite beauty and high-class accommodation as you cruise the Nile River. Elegant interiors with teak paneling, parquet floors, European antiques and Oriental carpets create an ambiance of luxury and Egyptian tradition.

Each suite of the Philae offers superior style. Rich, wooden furnishings including desks and chairs, large beds, and plush seating give your suite an extravagant character.  Your room will also include a private balcony from which you will your own view of the Nile as you travel across this ancient waterway.

Also sample fine dining aboard the Philae as this restaurant offers impeccable surroundings. Meals are served on fine china, with crystal, silver plates and white linen all adding to the illusion of country house living. Continental and Egyptian dishes are served here each morning.

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