As one of the largest cities in all of Africa and the Middle East, Cairo is a brilliant and chaotic mix of ancient history, modern cosmopolitanism, and beautiful natural landscaping. Situated on the Nile River, Cairo is most famous for its ancient and profound history and its medieval Islamic air. Experience all this and more when you travel to Cairo, Egypt with Ker & Downey.

Explore Egyptian History

Perhaps the best place to witness its history in succession is the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. Here, treasures span 5,000 years, from Egypt’s pre-history to the Greco-Roman period. Along with Tutankhamen’s famed grave goods and the statue of King Khafre are the lesser-known grotesque images of Akhenaten, Queen Hetepheres’ jewelry, and solid silver coffins of 21st Dynasty kings. Consequently, while amid its many wonders, one becomes immersed in an incredible slice of history that has affected the entire world in everything from mathematics and literature, to astronomy and strategies of battle.

Giza Plateau

Cairo also serves as the resting place of the Giza Plateau, home of the Giza Pyramids, the last of the original Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. The Great Pyramid, built circa 2570 B.C for Khufu, is the largest and oldest of the three structures. It  stands 451 feet high, towering over the sprawl of Cairo. Nearby, the Great Sphinx — carved from an outcrop of limestone left after quarrying — guards its pyramids and camel drivers. Nearby, visit the Solar Boat Museum discovered in the middle of the 20th century. Explore its own unique insight into the history of the region. In summary, the entire Giza Plateau promises to leave any visitor breathless with its majesty.

Handcrafted Experiences in Cairo

Luxury travel to Cairo, Egypt with Ker & Downey’s is more than just visits to museums and the pyramids. Rather, it is the exclusivity of a private Egyptologist guide revealing hidden histories behind every brick. It is the privately guided shopping excursions through the lively and colorful Khan el Khalili Marketplace, Egypt’s oldest marketplace. Likewise, it is the unique insight gained by journeying to places like Memphis, the first capital of a united Lower and Upper Egypt. Or, visiting Sakkara, an ancient Memphis cemetery still in use after 3,000 years.

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