The Selinda Spillway is an ancient waterway located in the northern reaches of Botswana. It links the Okavango Delta to the west to the Linyanti Swamps to the east. For three decades the spillway was dry. However, since the flooding in 2009, the waters started flowing again. Along its course—which can flow in two different directions depending on where the water levels are highest—are the game-rich floodplains of the Selinda Reserve, one of the country’s most famous wildlife concessions.

Given its distinct location upstream from Savute and west of Chobe, the spillway has all of the wildlife viewing that those areas are famous for. However, it also has the added perk of exclusivity. Only 18 guests are permitted on the reserve at a time. As a result, guests experience unrestricted and exhilarating viewings of the region’s elephants, cheetah, wild dogs, and prides of lion, hyena, jackal, and leopard. Explore the area, unhindered by hoards of vehicles and people found in other reserves.

A Safari in the Selinda Spillway

The Selinda Spillway is an ideal destination for an adventure safari. Game drives are available, however, guided walking safaris and canoeing bring you up close to the incredible wildlife in the pristine wilderness.  It is also one of those few places in the world where huge herds of elephant and buffalo roam free. There are even parcels of land where no person has set foot. Be the first to do so on a custom luxury Botswana Selinda Spillway safari with Ker & Downey. For a safari in the Selinda Spillway, we recommend Selinda Camp, Zarafa Camp, Zarafa Dhow Suites, or Selinda Explorers. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite itineraries which include the Selinday Spillway. However, each can be customized to create a journey unique to you. Contact a Ker & Downey designer to start planning your safari.