Sanctuary Baines' Camp in Botswana is built among the shady trees and waterways of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This wonderful luxury Okavango camp is named after the famed nineteenth century explorer and artist, Thomas Baines. Small and luxurious, this intimate camp has five suites sitting on elevated wooden platforms. The wooden deck area outside each suite has expansive views over the Boro River. In the afternoon or evening, enjoy watching the wildlife and absorb the unforgettable and beautiful views.

Property Details

Sanctuary Baines’ Camp in Botswana is unique. Each tented suite has a comfortable four poster bed with soft, luxurious fabrics that add to the romantic touch of a bygone era. The beds are mobile, providing the opportunity to sleep under a star-filled sky listening to all of the African night sounds.

The area surrounding Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is superb for viewing all kinds of animals and bird species. Guests may explore by land and water, often into the night to discover nocturnal species. The permanent water of the camp will reveal a world of floating safaris, atmospherically silent at the gentle pace of a poled mokoro, or faster in a comfortable motorboat. Sometimes there is no better way to tune into the bush than on foot, and walking safaris are a specialty at Sanctuary Baines’ Camp, with skilled, armed professional guides introducing the area’s natural wonders.

As an unforgettable option, guests of Sanctuary Baines’ Camp can experience the Stanley’s Camp Elephant activity. A unique learning adventure, visitors accompany the semi-habituated herd on daily foraging treks. Immersed in elephant life, warm bonds of kinship grow from a newly found appreciation of these gentle giants (however, no riding is offered). The main objective is to initiate a relationship between the guests and elephants. The activity encompasses a leisurely paced walk with a trio of semi-habituated elephants, becoming personally acquainted with them and observing and interacting with them, as well as a picnic lunch in their company.

You are invited to discover the elephants, from the bristled ends of their long tails to the tip of their powerful yet sensitive trunks. Marvel at their big ears, thoughtful eyes and enormous padded feet. Trace the textures of their skin and the silken polish of their ivory. Explore the astonishing bonds of kinship forged over more than a decade between the elephants and their guardians in a wilderness of mesmerizing beauty.

Each elephant has a personality as distinct as any human. A delicate blink of Morula’s long lashes reveals her sensitive yet powerful personality. Jabu takes guests, trunk in hand, with his bold and generous nature and together you slowly uncover the age-old secrets of the African elephant and the mysteries of the surrounding wilderness. Thembi, cute, boisterous and impossible to ignore, infatuates and transforms the understanding of elephants to a deeper and more personal level. Meet them all when you stay at this luxury Okavango camp.

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