Botswana travel is sometimes overlooked by safari-seekers heading to Tanzania, Kenya, or South Africa. But we think its plentiful wildlife and incredible landscapes make Botswana worthy of your safari bucket list. Let us help you handcraft a life-changing adventure to beautiful Botswana, complete with the perfect places to overnight.


Picture this: breakfast overlooking a palm-dotted island in the heart of the northern Okavango Delta. The tented safari camp Shinde is surrounded by water, making it a hot bed of wild activity. You’re likely to see breeding colonies of herons, egrets, pelicans, and storks. Read on to see what Ker & Downey’s Evan Jones enjoyed when he visited Shinde.

Botswana Travel in February - Africa Safari - Ker & Downey - Shinde


Another Okavango Delta favorite of ours is Kanana. What’s special about this place is its lack of crowds, making it easy to feel remote and raw. Tents at Kanana are built on stilts to give you clear views over the floodplains. The expert guides will lead you on foot, in 4×4 vehicles, or on floating mokoros to get up-close to nature. Hear the bush come to life in the mornings.

Botswana Travel in February - Africa Safari - Ker & Downey - Kanana


Let’s jump over to the Moremi Game Reserve where you will find Okuti, a camp accommodating only 18 guests at a time. This is the ideal place for families, and with a design modeled from an African village, its accommodations seem more like family homes. Game viewing at Okuti is good year-round, and the fragile landscape comes to life on Botswana travel explorations.

Botswana Travel in February - Africa Safari - Ker & Downey - Okuti


Herds of graceful antelope and Kalahari black-maned lions roam the Central Kalahari Game Reserve—the second-largest wildlife reserve on the planet. What a vision it is to see graceful giraffes and impalas during day game drives. Look up and around: there are close to 200 bird species to be found in this region, including  the ostrich, a regular visitor to the plains. After a spectacular sunset of blazing pink and orange, listen for the sound of night creatures on a nocturnal game drive. Designers Ken and Nicole visited Dinaka and share their thoughts about the property, the sleep out deck, and of course the wildlife.

Botswana Travel in February - Africa Safari - Ker & Downey - Dinaka


The Okavango River is untamed and unbelievably beautiful flowing into the arid Kalahari Desert. If an original African safari experience is what you are searching for, then Footsteps is just the place for you. Time travel to an era when the first explorers traversed this varied land. Only six guests at a time will go on this unforgettable journey where hippos wallow, zebras run, and lions prowl. At night, lay your head in your tent, falling asleep to the sounds of the Botswana bush.

Botswana Travel in February - Africa Safari - Ker & Downey - Footsteps

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