Unearth your inner Indiana Jones on a journey to Guatemala. Ker & Downey shares where you can dig into the fascinating history of this Central American country and what types of Maya discoveries await.

Journey to Guatemala’s Maya Marvels

An aerial survey of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in 2018 revealed more than 60,000 previously-undiscovered Maya structures over 1,000-years-old. Journey to Guatemala and soar in a helicopter above the sprawling site hidden away in the dense jungles.


Enchanting History

Wander through Antigua’s cobblestone streets, one of the best preserved and most beautiful colonial cities in the Americas. Indeed, the luxury boutique Posada del Angel effortlessly (and beautifully) blends Spanish and Maya heritage. Large old-fashioned room keys and antique four poster beds add to the charm. Go with a Ker & Downey guide to explore the breathtaking monuments and stop at an authentic hacienda to sip on a cup of coffee—one of Guatemala’s most famous exports.


Lake Atitlan

Enjoy a private boat ride around the lake to see the small indigenous villages. Then learn about the multi-generational weaving techniques in San Juan la Laguna. Three stunning volcanoes rise out of Lake Atitlan’s emerald surface. During your custom journey to Guatemala, we suggest experiencing the breathtaking, incomparable views from Casa Palopo.

Mayan People - Ker & Downey

Remarkable Ruins

A private helicopter will take you to northern Guatemala to spend a few days among the peaceful ruins. While here, witness the stunning sunset on top of the main pyramid in Yaxha, rediscovered in 1904. See the fascinating archaeological excavations of Tikal, the city and ceremonial center of the ancient Maya civilization. It is also the largest excavated site in the Americas. Therefore, Ker & Downey will get you access to the site with a private guide who will show you around the layout of the temples and explain theories about why this civilization may have disappeared.



Additionally, surround yourself with nature in a Las Lagunas Boutique cabana on a journey to Guatemala. Embraced by tropical rainforests and five enchanting lagoons, Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel is a luxurious property in the heart of the country’s Mayan world. Sip on a hibiscus welcome drink and listen to the sweet sounds of the jungle. Next, trek into the lush greenery and spot one of the 250 bird species, including parrots, macaws, and toucans. You can also take a boat out to Monkey Island to see the rescued howler monkeys.


Journey to Guatemala City

A special guided tour of the clothing collections of the Ixchel Museum will give you a better understanding of the culture of Guatemala. See the incredibly well preserved indigenous ceremonial outfits that date back to the 14th century, and then enjoy a local lunch.

Tortilla - Ker & Downey

Journey to Guatemala with Ker & Downey

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