See the Migration with Serengeti safaris in Tanzania. We’ve rounded up our favorite properties to get you up close to the Migration for an unforgettable safari experience.

When you are traveling with the specific purpose of seeing the wildebeest migration, you want to be sure you are in the right place at the right time – too early or too late, and you can miss it completely. There are many facets to the migration – not just crossing the Mara River – that can be enjoyed year-round. With so many options for accommodations in the Serengeti, how do you know where to start? To help you, we’ve narrowed down our favorite places to stay for Serengeti Safaris.

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Mkombe’s House | Northern Serengeti

Mkombe’s House is one of the newest luxury properties in the Serengeti. It’s set within the iconic Kogakuria Kopjes with views over the Mara River Valley and is the region’s first and only self-contained private home which means total exclusivity and flexibility – which is especially nice for families traveling with small children.
Seasonality: Open June through Mid March, Children welcome

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Dunia Camp | Central Serengeti

Dunia Camp is a secluded property, set away from some of the more touristed areas of the park, just north of the Moru Kopjes. In addition to excellent encounters with with region’s big cats and the annual migration, the valley in which it is located is home to a resident elephant herd and a rhinoceros sanctuary, one of the last places in the Serengeti to spot the endangered black rhino.
Seasonality: Open year round, Children age 6 and over welcome; children under age 6 allowed only if entire camp is booked on exclusive basis

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Sayari Camp | Northwestern Serengeti

The award-winning Sayari Camp is located near the Mara River in an area of the northwestern Serengeti less trodden by tourists, but with a high concentration of wildlife. It’s perfectly poised to take in the grandness of the migration with easy access to multiple river crossing points.
Seasonality: Open June through March, Children age 6 and over welcome; children under age 6 allowed only if entire camp is booked on exclusive basis

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Namiri Plains Camp | Eastern Serengeti

Namiri Plains Camp is the place to go for an untouched, intense wildlife experience. The area surrounding Namiri Plains Camp has only recently opened, after being closed to tourists for 20 years in an effort to allow the cheetah population to replenish itself. There’s not another camp within an hour’s drive, for unrivaled privacy in a region that is said to hold Africa’s highest cheetah densities and reliably good game viewing.
Seasonality: Open from June through March, with the wildebeest migration in the area from November through June, Children over the age of 6 welcome

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Olakira Camp | Moves Between Southern and Central Serengeti

Olakira Camp is a mobile tented camp that moves once a year between the southern and central Serengeti Regions. Buth areas are renowned for game viewing. From December to March, the camp is in the Ndutu region for calving season before moving to the central Serengeti where you can take hot air balloon safaris over the plains.
Seasonality: on the Mara River in the northern Serengeti June through November; southern Serengeti December through March; Closed April through May. Children age 6 and over welcome; children under age 6 allowed only if entire camp is booked on exclusive basis

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Ubuntu Camp | Mobile Camp

Ubuntu Camp is a sister property to Olakira Camp which shadows the movement of the Great Migration, moving across the north, west, and south Serengeti. The mobile tented camp balances an authentic Serengeti safaris with indulgent comforts.
Seasonality: Open December through October, Children welcome

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Serengeti Safari Camp | Mobile Camp

Serengeti Safari Camp is a traditional East African tented bush camp that moves every two to three weeks with the Migration. The tents are spacious and comfortable, but the real sell for this property is the use of a private guide and vehicle during your stay, allowing for a fully flexible schedule.
Seasonality: December through April: Southern Serengeti; May through early July: Central Serengeti through Western Corridor; Mid-July through November: Northern Serengeti; Late November through mid-December: Heading south, Children age 8 and over welcome

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