The Amazon burns every September in Brazil, some years more than others. There is one on-the-ground organization that is doing something about it. They are fighting the fires and making a difference, and they are doing it without support from other, larger global conservation organizations.

The Brigada Aliança is a rag-tag bunch from the Kamayura Tribe located in the Xingu Reserve, a 6.5 million-acre reserve in the Amazon. Brigada Aliança exists to eliminate fires across the Amazon Basin and establish frontier governance where none exists. They empower local inhabitants by teaching responsible agricultural practices and training firefighters. Together, these serve as frontline resistance against the destruction of the Amazon.

John Carter is a rancher who also heads up the fire-fighting efforts by communicating with local firefighters and volunteers, coordinating them to deploy where they can quickly save acres and lives. John’s conservation efforts were documented by The Economist in 2005.

You can follow John and Brigada Alianca on Facebook and Twitter where they post videos and images of their efforts. If you want to have a real impact on saving the Brazillian Amazon, then donate directly to his organization. Your contribution supports those in the country, and on the ground, who help fight these fires year after year.

Thank you!
David Marek