Populated with tropical rainforests and dozens of species of bird and animal, Wildwaters Lodge is nestled inconspicuously on one of the Nile's mid-stream islands. The powerful waters of the river are just steps away from this unique lodge, traversed with expert rafting guides or simply admired from the comfort of an expansive deck.

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Wildwaters Lodge in Jinja, Uganda was founded by brothers Cam and Brad McLeary, who grew increasingly concerned about the Nile’s ecological future, particularly on the island habitats. Wildwaters Reserve was established simultaneous with the lodge’s construction, its goal to reverse the effects of widespread illegal tree felling and preserve the integrity and wildlife of the islands. In line with their eco-conscious ideal, local materials have been used in this Uganda lodge where possible and electricity is generated by a locally-made water wheel and the waters of the river.

A collection of 10 stand-alone suites are on offer at Wildwaters Lodge and are scattered in the lush forest and connected by raised platforms of local wood and eucalyptus. Ceilings of thatch and wood-planked floors are featured in the interiors of each spacious suite, with locally-crafted furnishings all facing the river or the jungle just outside. En suite baths are enhanced with pink granite sink basins and exposed rock walls in the shower, and guests can enjoy a relaxing bath with a view in the classic clawfoot tub that stands on each suites’ private deck. The rushing river remains in earshot throughout the lodge, with the constant lull of the rapids a hypnotic addition to the ambiance.

The main Uganda lodge is designed to blend harmoniously with the fantastic riverine surroundings, set on the edge of the island with the river rushing off in either direction around the deck. Dine on a fusion of local organic produce, free-range chickens, and fresh fish from the river in the open air restaurant with a bar made from weathered logs long abandoned on the shore by illegal tree fellers. From the serene natural-form infinity swimming pool just beyond the restaurant guests can see, hear, and practically touch the thundering Grade Five rapids of the Nile.

Wildwaters Lodge in Jinja, Uganda is a haven for the conservationist and the thrill seeker alike. Atop the decks around the lodge guests get a glimpse of giant monitor lizards and river otters swimming in the flow. For a closer look, take a half or full day river rafting excursion designed to accommodate first-timers and thrill even seasoned rafters. Travel to the source of the Nile for kayaking and bungee jumping, or take in the beauty at a leisurely pace while on a nature walk. Over 130 species of bird have been spotted around the islands, including cormorants, fish eagles, and hornbills. Venture into nearby Kangulamira to browse the Tuesday produce market or visit with the locals around town and at the community school.

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