Entebbe is a quiet, attractive city on the shores of Lake Victoria only an hour away from Uganda’s capital of Kampala. It served as the capital city during the early years of the British protectorate, but today is well known as being the location of Uganda’s largest international airport and the gateway to many of Africa’s most in demand locations. Entebbe also previously acted as Kampala’s harbor, and although ships no longer land there, the jetty that was once used by Lake Victoria’s ferries still stands intact. Discover the wonders of Entebbe, Uganda travel below.

While for many visitors Entebbe is often the stopover entry point to the rest of Uganda’s wonders, there is plenty to discover along its safe streets. Near the jetty is the national zoo, also known as the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, where a collection of lions, rhinos, zebras, crocodiles, giraffes, hyenas, and chimpanzees have been rescued from captivity and thrive in arenas reflective of their natural habitats.

Entebbe is also home to the Kitubulu Forest and Beach and the extensive National Botanical Gardens, which were laid out in 1898. These gardens are of great interest to bird watchers and botanists, as Uganda is home to a vast array of avian species. It is the alleged filming site for the Tarzan movie, boasting a troop of colobus and vervet monkeys, and a variety of large trees.

Many visitors to Entebbe opt for boat trips on Lake Victoria, including fishing trips and excursions to see the chimpanzees on Ngamba Island. No matter the activity, Entebbe is the perfect, relaxed intro or outro to Uganda, and offers several luxury accommodations for those quick overnight stays prior to early morning international departures.

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