La Villa Bleue is tucked right into one of Tunisia's most alluring towns on the Mediterranean coast. Often called the most beautiful town in all of Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said is awash with coastal charms.

Property Details

La Villa Bleue is aptly named and ideally located in Tunisia’s Sidi Bou Said. The hotel’s name includes the French word for “blue,” and Sidi Bou Said is known for its bright, turquoise doors and domes.

The 13-room hotel is perched on a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Carthage and Tunis. No matter where you are, the sea is always in view.

La Villa Bleue combines both Arab and Andalusian architecture styles. Marble columns, patterned ceramics, and intricate ceilings are a visual treat. Bright bougainvilleas tumble down crisp white walls. At night, the scent of jasmine wafts through the salty air. It’s not surprising that this enchanting place has long drawn the attention of painters and writers. Artwork by local creatives lines the walls of the cozy property.

Off in the horizon, the islands of Zembra and Zembretta emerge from the Mediterranean, a dazzling sight observed from your windows. Sip on a glass of wine on your private moonlit terrace. Dazzling ceramics line your eclectic en-suite bath, and wooden shutters offer privacy.

Tunisia boasts a tantalizing offering of food. Seasonal, local fare is savored in the restaurant clad in decorative, azulejo tiles and a sumptuous color palette of rich blue and white. With its natural proximity to the sea, fresh fish is often on the menu.

Even though La Villa Bleue is already a haven of peace, you can sink further into calm at the traditional hammam. Each treatment is designed to relax and detoxify skin, allowing pores to open so that oils and creams can work their magic. Lounge by the pool and soak in the sun, or stay shaded under the arched alcoves.

Narrow, cobblestone lanes meander through Sidi Bou Said. There’s no need to rush around in this town. Admire the dangling lanterns and bright, blue doors so prolific in the city.

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