Tunisia’s coastal charms are hard to ignore in Tabarka. Nestled between the Mediterranean and the Khroumerie Mountains, Tabarka is a Tunisia’s remote seaside paradise. Find stunning crystal-clear waters and towering rocks shaped into points by water erosion providing dramatic appeal.

Fishing boats and yachts bob in the marina. Take a short ride out to the island of Galite, embraced by various blue shades of the shimmering water. The red coral was once so abundant on Tunisia’s north coast that merchants from Genoa set up a monopoly on its trade and built a fort on the island to protect their interests.

Dougga, once on the fringes of the Roman empire, is a picturesque UNESCO-listed archaeological site where impressive fluted columns and Greek, Libyan, and Latin inscriptions help us understand what life was like here so long ago. Listen to traditional music performances in the theater, built in AD 168. Surrounded by olive groves and farmer’s fields, the site sits on a scenic hill, making Dougga a must-see on a journey to Tunisia.

Exquisite mosaics are revealed in the Roman city of Bulla Regia. Walk through the city’s wealthiest neighborhood to see the excavated villas. Byzantine coins were discovered in the House of Treasure, while in another, find a courtyard covered with a spacious mosaic of animals, people, and birds. Original latrines and a hammam remain as a testament to Roman ingenuity. The city’s must-see is the exquisite mosaic of Venus flanked by centaurs, cupids riding dolphins, and leaping fish.

Take in the view of the Atlas Mountains from El Kef’s imposing Ottoman fort. Stroll through the tiny town’s streets and discover the Roman baths, ancient church of Saint Peter, an 18th-century synagogue, and the mausoleum topped with a white dome decorated with emerald green ceramics.

The mountain village of Ain Draham is the entry point for hiking in the oak, cork, and pine forested terrain. The only deer species in Africa scampers around in Feija National Park. After exploring, soak your tired feet in a gushing hot spring. Natural beauty abounds around Tabarka.