The Grand Erg Oriental Camp is a far flung outpost in Tunisia's Sahara, a mesmerizing landscape of sand dunes and salty lakes.

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The Grand Erg Oriental Camp is located in a silent stretch of undulating sand dunes that will mesmerize you with its distinct beauty. Left mostly untouched, Tunisia’s abundance of the Sahara’s sandy desert is just the place to get away.

As the sun rises and sets, it casts its glow on the sandy peaks and curves. The scene here transforms to shades of yellow and pink that only Mother Nature could create from her palette of colors.  Fill up on fresh bread; the dough is kneaded, then flattened into large circles and cooked in a pit of ashes. At night, dine on a delicious dinner surrounded by flickering candles and twinkling stars above. Musicians draped in white robes bang on traditional drums called darbouka. This is an authentic Saharan Berber experience.

Sit outside your tent and let the serenity and silence sink into you as camel silhouettes traverse the dunes. Desert roses add a much needed jolt of color, reminding you that there is still life in desolate places. Wiry shrubs poke up from the land, and a line of palm trees provides shade in the heat. Splash your face with cooling water from the copper bowls. A massage will calm you even more.

It’s a bit of a trek to get to this far reach of land pinned between Algeria and Tunisia, but the journey is worth it. Mountains tower over the flat expanse and ducks glide on hidden lakes. Local guides lead you through the desert; they know the rocky deserts and salty lakes well.

Taste a luxurious picnic of homemade bread, couscous, meat, hummus, vegetables, and local fruits, served on bright red rugs in a mountain oasis. You can even learn how to prepare these delicious dishes during a cooking lesson. Men speedily climb into the foliage to pluck dates from within. Lunch is served under a shady tent in Chott El Jerid, a vast expanse of salt.

Your feet will be in the sand and your head in the stars during a camping experience at Grand Erg Oriental Camp.
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