Dar Hi is a modern retreat surrounded by rich history. In this desert oasis, one of the best luxuries is doing nothing at all.

Property Details

The Dar Hi eco retreat features 18 unique rooms with views of the village, desert, and palm-fringed oasis. There are three different areas: the pill house, the troglodytes, and the dunes, each with a different elevation and style. Large glass windows keep your surroundings displayed. Each room is contemporary with bold colors and varying architectural features. Small touches like delicate arches and turquoise ceilings are subtle reminders of Tunisian culture. Kick off your shoes and slip on a pair of babouches, traditional Tunisian slippers.

Your spirit will feel renewed at Dar Hi. Go for pampering in the traditional hammam. Soak in a geothermal sulfur bath and feel your worries float away. Ayurvedic treatments rejuvenate your body and mind. The outdoor pool’s higher placement allows you to look down at the desert expanse.

Sample the organic local foods prepared in the open kitchen. Vegetables are plucked from the garden. Dine on lemon chicken and barley couscous, paired with wine and eaten alfresco in the tranquil desert. Tangy, pale olives burst with flavor.

Climb down the stairs to the terraced garden where the palms provide shade from the bright sun. In the evenings, sit by a crackling fire in the common area as the stars twinkle above.

Go for walks in the lush oasis or in the mesmerizing Sahara desert and visit the country’s largest salt lake, Chott El Jerid. Nearby, the town of Nefta is considered a center of the mystical Sufi sect. Wander the El Bayadha district full of tombs for sacred men. See the white domed Great Mosque of Sidi Salem. Learn more about the region at the De Chrait Museum with traditional costumes on display.

Brick buildings line the narrow streets in the next town over in Touzeur. At one time, this was a stopping point for caravans crossing the Sahara. Spot all the beautiful doors adorned with two or three knockers, each for a different member of the family.

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