Slovenia’s slice of the Adriatic might be tiny, but there is a lot to see. The area, known as Slovenian Istria, sits snug between Italy to the north and Croatia to the south. In the town of Koper, you’ll hear a mix of both Italian and Slovenian being spoken. Wander the stone streets and admire the 15th century Loggia Palace, built in a Venetian style.

Piran is undoubtedly the most beautiful town on the Slovenian Istra coast. It grew thanks to the salt industry that began in 804. The medieval walled town has narrow streets to explore with pretty houses placed elegantly along the hill. St. George’s Church rises above the red terracotta roofs and stands out against the backdrop of blue sea as white sailboats glide by. Once under the rule of Venice, the architecture is reflective of this leadership. This charming town makes visitors feel they have stepped into a magical past. Learn about the seafaring history at the Maritime Museum and watch the fisherman bringing in their daily catch. Dine on fresh clams seasoned with truffles and sip on Slovenian wine. Enjoy a cappuccino and a fluffy pastry called burek as the clock ticks effortlessly onward. Shop for lace and cheese in the market at the oval-shaped Tartini Square. In the evenings, look up to the sparking starry sky and listen to the local violin players.

Climb up the hills to see a sparkling view of Piran. Hike, bike, or horse ride along area trails that connect the coastal towns. Lounge on a pebble beach and take a dip in the clear water. Explore the underground caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The small town of Izola feels like a maze that you want to get lost in. Fragrant flowers and pastel colored homes add to its charm. Life is slower here, and locals take the time to nod a hello when passing by. Sit by the lighthouse to watch the sun set over the azure waters and dream of the laid back lifestyle of this secluded and small area of Slovenia.