Set among the Slovenian Alps, the Vila Bled is a historic property surrounded by towering trees.

Property Details

Vila Bled was once the summer residence of the Yugoslavian royal family. It belonged next to a former Yugoslavian president, who hosted numerous heads of state from around the globe in its rooms.

Nestled next to the shimmering Lake Bled, this hotel offers a quiet space on beautiful manicured garden grounds. Look out over the lake to see the 17th century church located on Lake Bled island. Drive along a winding lake-side road to get to the entrance of Vila Bled and take in the fresh alpine air.

The property has smooth stone terraces, grand hallways, and its seven rooms and nine suites are furnished mid-century style. A large mural depicts three famous battles of World War II inside the villa.

Sip on some local wine and dine on a selection of Slovenian, French, and Mediterranean cuisines in the restaurant. A taste of the hearty and delicious meals on the menu: gnocchi served with roasted trout and risotto or a lamb ragu. Admire the stunning views of the old church on the island from Cafe Belvedere while enjoying a delicious cream cake.

The white three story villa has steps that lead down to a lakefront path. Take a traditional wooden row boat out onto Lake Bled to visit the island and lounge on the private beach after a dip in the cool water. A romantic carriage takes you around the lake and to the Vintgar Gorge. Alternatively, hop on the train and move a bit faster around the water.

Wander through the town and learn about the history of Bled Castle, perched on a rocky outcrop. The surroundings here feel like they have been pulled straight out of a fairytale.

Slovenia is rich in natural beauty begging to be explored. Hike through green forests, cycle through the little towns, canoe along rivers, climb rocky cliffs, or take a hot air balloon ride over the spectacular scenery. In the winter, ski down the snow-white powdery slopes.

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