In the beautiful western Slovenian countryside, close to the Italian border, sits Hisa Franko: a home steeped in history. Surrounded by mountains, woods, flowering pastures, and turquoise-green rivers, this is the perfect, calming escape in the area of Kobarid.

Property Details

Built in 1868, it is believed that Hisa Franko is where Ernest Hemingway wrote A Farwell to Arms. The pink colored property is made to feel like you are staying in your own cozy home. Hisa Franko has only 10 rooms; in past lives it was a roadside inn and a hospital during the first World War.

Modern art mixes with the history of this property. Its spaces are comfortable and airy with contemporary decor. Each room is unique, some featuring hammocks strung on balconies, oak furnishings, sloped ceilings, and bubbling Jacuzzis.

The herb, flower, and vegetable garden sit by a bubbling creek that is home to trout. Apples, chestnuts, and mushrooms are collected in the surrounding countryside and served on the restaurants’s menu that very day. Sip on a soothing tea made from wild herbs and flowers. Berries, cheese, and mushrooms are provided by local farmers. The chef at Hisa Franko is renowned the world over and her delectable dishes are served in the crimson dining room or on the terrace. The five-course meals look more like art with edible flowers and bright berries adding bursts of color. Sea bass and oysters are brought in from the salty waters of the Gulf of Trieste to grace the dinner table. The Adriatic Sea is not far away, and can sometimes be seen from atop the mountains.

Kobarid is a historic little town that feels like a mix of Alpine and Italian. Cycle under the green foliage as you enjoy the fresh air and the divine views of green fields and soaring mountains. Walk through the hilly paths or raft along the rivers close to the Slovenian wine growing region. Select a bottle from the cellar at Hisa Franko to complete the experience.

Visit the nearby museum that looks back at the history of WWI in the region. Explore an archaeological site of fifth century houses and homes before making your way back to the historic Hisa Franko for a relaxing evening.

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