Soaring snow-capped mountains rise above thick forests and rushing rivers in Northwest Slovenia. Verdant green valleys with bright pops of wildflowers sit below the Alpine slopes. This pristine outdoor setting is a thrill for those seeking fresh air. Take a train ride through the beautiful landscape, or if you prefer, explore by raft, kayak, bike, and your own two feet on a hike. Take a refreshing dip in a natural emerald green pool. In the winter, ski down the slopes. Waterfalls cascade from high above and bounce around moss-covered rocks. The Soca River is a stunning turquoise color that is caused by the limestone in the river. Glassy lakes reflect the mountainous peaks; mother nature’s natural mirror.

Not far from the border of Italy is the charming town of Kobarid, surrounded by mountain peaks. The feeling here is a mix of Alpine and Mediterranean and the culinary culture is a blend of both. There are many restaurants to sample and lots of wine to sip in the charming town of Bovec. The award winning Hisa Franko restaurant is housed in a 1868 property where it is believed Author Ernest Hemingway wrote A Farwell to Arms. The food is sourced directly from the gardens and vineyards in the region and fresh seafood is brought in from the nearby Adriatic.

Brda is known as the Tuscany of Slovenia with its numerous vineyards producing a bountiful harvest of grapes. The Dobrovo Castle, built around 1600, houses a wine cellar. Its square turrets jut out into the blue skies and the interior features Gothic frescoes and hosts musical events throughout the year.

A postcard-perfect church sits in the middle of the emerald Lake Bled. On its coast: a medieval castle with the Julian Alps towering beyond. This area has historical significance as one of the major fronts in the First World War, which is detailed in a museum in Kobarid.

There are many picturesque villages dotting the hillsides in northwest Slovenia. Narrow cobblestone paths lead to elegant churches. The valleys are speckled with farmhouses with slanted roofs, an architectural style popular in this region. The villages around Lake Bohinj still adhere to the traditional occupations of farming and dairy herding. Wander through the charming medieval town of Radovljica and admire the high stone wall fortification and the colorful homes’ facades with baskets of flowers hanging from the windows.