Hotel Cubo is housed in a historic building and is located just steps away from the city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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The Hotel Cubo has been lovingly preserved, and the corner turret of the building can attest to its history. Walk through the Art Deco facade to find an intimate hotel that feels like the lavish home of a friend. The 1930s former residential building maintains its historic charm while offering stylish and up-to-date conveniences. Calligraphy art and tones of beige and grey add to the modernity. Peek out of the windows of some of the 26 rooms to see the castle high up on a hill. Corner rooms are spacious and have round plush beds for a restful night.

Dine on Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients and sip on a drink in the bar in one of the tables outside.

This city is known for its quiet allure. Take off on a bicycle and ride around Tivoli park. Cars are restricted in the center, so everyone is on foot or on bikes. The Hotel Cubo chef can pack a delicious picnic lunch to take along with you. The usual hustle and bustle of other major European cities doesn’t exist here. Life takes on a slower pace. Walk along the cobblestone streets to the River Ljubljanica and stop for a coffee in one of the many cafes. This is the place to watch the stylish residents go about their day. You will often see locals reading under the leafy trees and enjoying their neighborhood.

Climb to the medieval castle at the top of the hill and take in the breathtaking views of the city and the verdant landscape beyond. See the oldest wood wheel at the City Museum. Enjoy a Slovenian performance or other European play at the theater.

The Slovenian capital is a charming place filled with beautiful architecture, green spaces, and bubbling fountains. Red roofs top the colorful Baroque, Medieval, and Art Deco buildings. Columns, statues, and copper domes add character at every turn. Everything here seems to be a work of art; Hotel Cubo fits right in.

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