An accommodation ideal for those who wish to embrace the nomadic spirit of Mongolia, Hagiin Har Mobile Tented Camp is a rough-and-ready way to experience the vast uninhabited wilderness of Khan Khentii. Travel by horseback through mountain passes and forests surrounded by flowers and marshland, staying in mobile tented camps along the way, to arrive at the hidden gem of Hagiin Har Nuur Lake for uninterrupted moments with Mongolian nature.

Property Details

During horseback journeys through Khan Khentii, local herdsmen carry guests’ tents, luggage, and equipment on packhorses, transporting entire expedition-style tented camps to each resting location. Accommodations are set up for every two people and feature high-quality sleeping bags and mats, as well as large mess tents for meals. Campsites, while varying, are set around peaceful green meadows near the Havirgiin Davaa Pass and forested areas next to the Jivkheest River. While shower facilities are not available at mobile camps, guests are able to bathe and wash in the many streams and lakes nearby. Water may also be heated on the fire for warm washing.

Meals are all-inclusive, with the camp cook preparing each feast. Begin the day with eggs, sausage, toast, and coffee. There may even be an opportunity to buy fresh yogurt from local herdsmen in the area. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, with salad, soup, and meat with rice or potatoes. Adept at both Western and Mongolian staples, chefs pride themselves on well-seasoned meats served with generous portions of potatoes, carrots, cabbage, noodles, rice, and bread. Enjoy hearty dinners while socializing by the open fire each evening.

Days are spent riding through the striking and rugged rolling hills and grasslands of the protected area, eventually arriving at Hagiin Har Nuur Lake. Accessible only by foot, horse, or helicopter—and recently known only to local hunters—this pristine lake is one of the country’s best kept secrets and the perfect place to relax and experience the true wilderness of Mongolia.

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