A stay at Skalakot Manor will feel just like you are at home. That is, if your home were nestled into a wildly wonderful landscape of glaciers and volcanoes overlooking the north Atlantic.

Property Details

Guests of Skalakot Manor can choose from a combination of 14 rooms and suites. Slanted ceilings cocoon you in comfort and globe-shaped crystal lighting dangles elegantly above. Art Deco flourishes like sparkling nail heads, patterned floral wallpaper, and tufted headboards add a stylish touch in the farmhouse. Cool tones are slathered on the walls, reminiscent of the country’s famed Blue Lagoon. Curl up in the armchair anchoring a herringbone-patterned wood floor for an evening read.

The owners are the fourth generation running the Icelandic horse farm. Indeed, the pasture’s furry residents stand out against the impossibly green grass.

The landscape around Skalakot Manor is spellbinding. Vast tracks of land covered with carpets of moss meet lofty, snow-covered mountains beneath crisp blue skies. Meltwater rivers wind through the striking canyons. Multiple rainbows arch down from the heavens and towering waterfalls crash over rocky cliffs. Seeing the land of fire and ice on horseback gets you up close to nature’s beauty. Wade through the Holtsos lake and ride along the striking black sand beach where you can sometimes see seals swimming. Geothermal pools are everywhere; since the medieval times, the water has been used for bathing and cleaning. Soaking in these natural hot tubs is the cure to wash away all your worries.

Hearty appetites are sure to swell when you are out horse riding in the brisk air. The restaurant at Skalakot Manor is happy to keep your well fed and energized. Their menu showcases fresh ingredients plucked from the garden, perfectly paired with a glass of wine. The space itself is a cozy corner with wood tables illuminated by brass pendant lights. Afternoon snacks include delicious cakes and copious cups of coffee.

Even though the weather may be chilly, the hospitality at Skalakot Manor is warm and welcoming. Toe tap to the sounds of live accordion players; it’s a fun way to mingle with other guests and experience Icelandic hospitality.

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