The Sand Hotel's a stylish hot spot to stay in chilly-weather Reykjavik.

Property Details

The icy grey of Iceland’s Atlantic surf and the iridescent blues of the hot springs come to life in the stylish Sandhotel’s color scheme. Art Deco touches like the tufted, velvet headboards, blend effortlessly with the modern design and contemporary local artwork. Crystal lamps illuminate bedside tables. A cozy down comforter keeps you all warm and snuggly on chilly nights. Heated floors make the idea of getting out of bed on a cold morning, easier to bear. Rooms and Suites stretch out over five floors and each one is a comfy and design-happy retreat.

You will receive a mobile phone upon arrival, making it easy to access the Internet and phone numbers when you are out exploring.

Eco-conscious travelers will find an environmentally friendly outlook with a focus on recycling and the use of mainly local products.

The Sand Hotel is comprised of three houses dating back to 1929, including an old bakery that is still run by the descendants of the original shop.

Indulge your sweet tooth with a tantalizing choice of breakfast pastries, including cinnamon buns-a city favorite. The scent of freshly baked bread will lead you to the dining area. Evening meals are an ever-changing menu that includes pastas, meats, and of course fresh fish.

The Sand Hotel’s address on Laugavegur street is a lively one, so be prepared to do a lot of jumping between the bars and shops. This is Rejkjavik’s entertainment, culture, and culinary heart. So there’s plenty of museums to choose from including the Saga Museum where you can immerse yourself into Iceland’s viking history.

Or completely unwind in one of the area’s 18 geo-thermal swimming pools. Float around the old harbor to spot whales-a spectacular sight so close to the city.

It’s this wild and wonderful combination of city sights and natural delights that make the Sand Hotel a perfect fit for a journey to Iceland.

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